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Accountants Thinking Lean

When was the last time your accountant gave you fresh, exciting ideas?

Go beyond the statements and find creative savings and Lean tactics to push your bottom line higher.

If you need an accountant focused on your future instead of your history, grab a coffee with us.

Find out why our clients have come to expect different from HLH.

"I have found that Trevor Lukey and HLH have always been easy to get a hold of, willing to explain and strategies planning options and always meet time deadlines. They actually become part of the team on forward-thinking. This gives me peace of mind which I am grateful for. "

Henri Rodier • President• Coventry Homes

"BHD made the decision to transition to HLH from one of the larger, well-known firms in the area and noticed an immediate change in the experience of accounting as a whole; prompt responses, fun demeanours, and frequent communication make the HLH team feel like they are more a part of our own than a typical service provider/customer relationship. "

Adam Hesse • BHD

Our Specialties


With carefully costed jobs, just a little waste can seriously erode the bottom line. See what you can do beyond careful costing to maximize your profits.


Manufacturers know about Lean Thinking – they invented it. Take your company to the next level with process improvement advice that will help you save money.

Professional Services

Ready to look beyond your financial statements? Use us to find the best tax strategies, and waste elimination techniques to cut your waste and save you cash.

Improving Your Business

Get the content and knowledge you need to develop the business you want.

For processes to actually improve in your organization over the long-term, people need to believe that there is a reason why change needs to occur and why it needs to occur now. There must be an informed consent – not a mad rush or a docile acquiescence – that drives action across hierarchies, departments, and projects. And you can structure an environment to help create that consent. read more
Our staff goes out of their way – whenever possible – to deliver their expertise in a way that suits the needs of our clients. We are passionate about learning and are always focused on improving ourselves, our environment and assisting our clients on their own journey of process improvement as well.
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