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Don’t Sacrifice Quality for Efficiency

Efficiency is a 2-sided sword. It’s easy to get infatuated with the bottom-line improvements that process cuts offer, but it’s all for naught if the quality of your product suffers.  Cut processes too deeply, and quality is the first thing to take a hit. Poor-quality...

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Where Are Your Manufacturing Bottlenecks?

Manufacturing a product, whether that’s a pick-up truck or a bar of soap, is a current of processes that happen one after the other. Ideally, the current flows like electricity. But what happens when one step stops the current? Or when multiple currents converge into...

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Creating a Change Team in Manufacturing

You see the ways your manufacturing business could change for the better. You can sense it like a change in air pressure. You know that your processes could be more efficient, and that more innovation would help you buffer supply disruptions and skill deficits. To...

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Real and False Urgency in Manufacturing

A culture of urgency is the fuel to drive Process Improvement forward. But when urgency breaks free of perspective, it becomes “busy-work”. And that can get dangerous on the shop floor. If you’ve come any distance down the “Lean Road”, you know that your sense of...

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Creating a Sense of Urgency in Manufacturing

Successful process improvement needs to be cultural, and urgency must be at the cultural heart. Whether or not your entire team is driven towards process improvement will decide if your organizational change will succeed or fail. Here’s how to build that culture of...

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Lean Leadership in Manufacturing

  Manufacturing leadership can easily become about nothing but processes, logistics, safety, and efficiency. If it’s your daily routine to circulate from your office to the boardroom and back again, that needs to be disrupted. Change Leadership requires the leader’s...

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What Daily Process Improvement Looks Like in Manufacturing

Process Improvement is at its best when it doesn’t look like much. We often fall into the trap of needing expensive equipment or consultants to save money, and in the end it costs us money. Rule of thumb: real change needs to develop from inside. If you try to force...

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4 Ways Manufacturers can Start a Culture of Process Improvement

To get a winning hockey team you need to get started and be steady. Stay fixed on the long game and institute a multiyear process focused entirely on building a strong team culture. Turn individual stars into team contributors and support your approach by choosing metrics that measure the right things. It’s not so different than what you need to do on the manufacturing floor. Here are four ways you can start coaching your team toward a culture of process improvement.

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How to Reduce Deadly Waste in Manufacturing: Talent

When you Google the 8 Deadly Wastes, you’ll often find 7 of them. Historically, the focus has been on processing, whereas the 8th Waste focuses on the far more abstract, “People.” To those paying attention, this should be a Waste to...

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How to Reduce Deadly Waste in Manufacturing: Inventory

Do you feel comfortable? Are you sitting pretty just you can service any order that comes in, no matter what the size? Then you’re playing the dangerous game of Over-Inventory. Inventory is a tide. As is rises, your ship (the business) is buoyed higher and we stop...

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