The Willing Wisdom Index™ is your guide to an estate plan that reflects your personal wishes

Imagine already knowing much of what you want included in your will before visiting your lawyer?  We all know that saving time means saving big on legal costs.


Join our founder, Bob Hahn in a series of interviews with Dr. Tom Deans, The New York Times Top-Ten Author of Every Family’s Business. With more than 1 million copies sold, it remains the best-selling family business book of all-time.

Transitioning Family Business Wealth

Learn how Dr. Deans’ family successfully transitioned three of their public and private businesses.

How To Build Smart Estate Plans Today



Discuss the importance of estate planning in light of our current global crisis.

6 Estate Planning Ideas Successful Families Master



Prepare your finances by learning the connection between estate planning and protecting wealth.

Questions & Answers

You asked; we answered! Bob Hahn, founder of HLH LLP sat down again with Dr. Tom Deans, New York Times bestselling author to ask some follow-up questions from our webinar audiences.

Q&A with Tom Deans - Every Family's Business

Q&A with Tom Deans - Willing Wisdom


Dr. Deans has delivered more than 1000 keynote speeches in 26 countries and will be talking about how his family successfully transitioned three of their public and private businesses. If you have seen Dr. Deans on CBC or BNN you’ll know that he delivers a fast-paced, entertaining and informative message that you won’t want to miss.

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