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Do you have a continuous drive to make things better and better? Are you a tireless problem solver who mines data for diamonds? Do you have a sticky mind – the kind that can read a case, recall the details, and then apply that learning to new situations? And are you convincing? Can you help people see why your picture is the right picture?

We make room for out-of-the-box thinkers from all kinds of disciplines (that’s right – no BComm. required). Our favourite is when we find people who are smarter than everyone else in the firm, yet they still crave a daily slice of humble pie.

If this sounds like you, let’s connect. We love to share our structure, resources, team, and clients with people who are passionate about process improvement.

If you are interested in applying, click the link below:

Designated Professionals
For professionals who already have their designation, HLH offers a great work environment with extensive opportunities for growth. You’ll enjoy flexibility in your schedule, and competitive wages.
HLH is the perfect place for students to start gaining experience in the accounting world. With direct access to the partners and loads of opportunity on a variety of projects, our students flourish.

"We strive to create an environment where each member of our team can build their professional skills, while having fun along the way."

Richard Houle • Partner

"HLH has the best work environment and culture I have ever had the opportunity to work in. The firm encourages a continued learning experience and creates a challenging yet friendly environment."

Noah Desa • Co-op Student

Designated Professionals

We’re proud to be an office where our staff likes coming to work each morning. We care about the work we do, but we’re careful to pair our passion for excellence with a commitment to work/life balance.

We’re firm believers that good work comes from happy employees, and that happy employees come from enjoyment both in and out of the office. We’re here to help make sure that happens.

HLH is always expanding and opening up space for employee advancement. We’re looking for the best and brightest: people committed to excellence at work and at play.

What We Offer

• A level of work/life balance you won’t find at other accounting firms
• Competitive wages
• Comprehensive Flexible benefit package tailored by each staff member to their own needs
• Flexible work schedules
• A system where banked overtime hours accrued during busier seasons can be used towards time off with pay
• Great corporate culture and a friendly environment
• Multiple industries and a diverse client base to keep your day-to-day work dynamic and interesting
• Opportunities to increase responsibilities on projects, allowing you to gain experience and have a real impact on clients
• A young, ambitious work environment in the heart of Edmonton’s downtown
• Your own spacious and private work area


We’re not just looking for the best and the brightest CO-OP, Articling, and CPA students. We’re looking for students who want to enjoy their life as much as their career.

HLH is a multi-disciplined, locally-based CPA firm that attracts high profile clients. We can offer you more experience and responsibility than you thought possible, and all during normal working hours.

Training and Mentorship

• Experience a mix of client projects in all sectors of the economy

• Enjoy direct access to Bob, Richard, Trevor, Darlene and senior staff

• Receive continuous feedback on job performance to facilitate rapid professional growth

Our Company Culture

• We love life. From soccer and sailing to farming and art, our team lives life to its fullest
• We like spending the lunch together, and we are all about celebrating birthdays!
• We encourage being active in the community and match charitable contributions

Your Work Environment

• Our Downtown office places you in the heart of the city, walking distance to Edmonton’s best restaurants and shops

• Within one block of Central LRT station

• You’ll have your own private and spacious work area

• We’re ambitious, enthusiastic and, most of all, fun to work with

Why HLH is the Right Firm for You

• Marketplace salary and flexible benefit program
• Respect for your personal life, but when you work overtime you’ll be fully compensated
• Last year we only worked a total of 150 overtime hours per person, which is approximately 1/3 of the industry standard!
• Custom study programs that suit your specific learning needs
• Our firm cultivates the skills that will help you succeed in achieving your goals and becoming a well rounded professional
• Module fees paid for, study leave for CPA modules, CFE and Densmore
• Work with other professionals at your level

Recruitment Tips

Click on the tips below to view more information on how to make a great first impression in your interview.
Tip #1: Do Your Homework

Take some time to understand the firm you’re applying for and the industries they work in. The more knowledgeable you are when you walk into an office the better impression you’ll leave when you walk out.

Ask yourself:

What is the size of their office (local, regional, national)?
What types of clients does this company serve?
Does the firm offer services beyond traditional core accounting?

Prepare by:

Reviewing the firms website for facts about the available position. Try to understand what their expectations are for academics, overtime, and work/life balance.
Attending recruiting events and take notes. Trust us, recruiters are continuously updating their “hit list” of candidates after every event.
Have questions prepared in advance. Ask about the firm, its clients, and the position you’re interviewing for.

Remember: you cannot over prepare.

An interview is your opportunity to demonstrate knowledge about the firm, learn more about the position, and make a lasting impression.

Tip #2: Dress to Impress

You only get one first impression, so do everything you can to make it a good one. From the clothes you wear to the body language you project, personal presentation is a vital part of any interview.

If you’re not sure what to wear, it’s always better to be overdressed. You’ll never regret being the best-dressed candidate at an interview.

Whatever you wear, make sure you feel comfortable and confident in your clothes.

Never chew gum during the interview.

Pay attention to the details. At some firms, even things like appropriate tie or dress length will be noticed. If you’re unsure and need some style tips, do some online research.

Consider your interview like you would a business meeting. Over prepare and walk in with confidence.

Be aware that every little bit matters, from how much cologne or perfume you’re wearing, to the added touch of a breath mint.

First impressions are hard to shake, so doing everything you can to present yourself as a professional is a step in the right direction. If you impress your interviewers as soon as you walk in the door, it’ll be even easier to impress them when you start giving intelligent answers to their interview questions.

Tip #3: Practice Makes Perfect

You’re not the first one walking into an interview, so why not learn from the successes and mistakes of those before you? Read up on tips, set up mock interviews, and answer practice questions so that by the time you walk into your first interview you’ll feel comfortable and confident.

Search online for sample interview questions and create a list you think are likely to be asked. Then it’s practice, practice, practice until the answers become second nature.

Practice with a friend that’s open to giving you honest feedback. You’ll find that after a couple tries your responses will really improve.

Put yourself in the shoes of the interviewer and group your responses into three categories:
An “okay” answer – what they typically hear
A “better than average” answer – perhaps you included a relevant example
A “Home run, knock ‘em down” answer – you indicated you truly understood the question and provided an organized response with relevant comments

Learn from your previous interviews. Think of responses you weren’t totally comfortable with and research how you could have answered them better. Chances are you’ll be asked the same question again.

Reflect on tough questions like, “Tell me about a weakness you’d like to improve on?” and develop answers that not only demonstrate that you are aware of your weaknesses, but that you’ve already taken steps to improve upon them.