Our Services

Financial Reporting

HLH goes beyond just traditional financial statements – we can assist with calculation of value stream contributions. The financials should assist you in knowing if your business is successfully reducing “Non-Value-Added Expenses”.


Understanding both your current and future priorities allows us to create the ideal structure for your needs. Filing the annual returns is a final step once we have helped create the ideal corporate structure and overall tax plan.

Consulting & Advisory

As your trusted business advisor, we offer a full range of consulting and advisory services. Examples of recent consulting assignments include lean accounting, value stream mapping, purchase or sale of a business as well as retirement and succession planning.

Our Specialties


With carefully costed jobs, just a little waste can seriously erode the bottom line. See what you can do beyond careful costing to maximize your profits.


Manufacturers know about Lean Thinking – they invented it. Take your company to the next level with process improvement advice that will help you save money.

Professional Services

Ready to look beyond your financial statements? Use us to find the best tax strategies, and waste elimination techniques to cut your waste and save you cash.