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Balancing Efficiency & Quality for Your Customers

It’s easy to fall in love with efficiency. It promises big savings to those with the fortitude to see efficiency-saving measures through. Process Improvement is built on small, compounding efficiencies. As easy as it is to get carried away, we must always balance...

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Office Bottleneck? It Might Be You.

Running an office is a gauntlet of processes that happen every minute of every day. Making coffee. Approving budgets. Putting callers on hold. There are some processes you think about, but most happen on autopilot. They flow and overlap throughout the day like a...

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Creating a Change Team in Professional Services

Change can come slowly to an office. Processes get ingrained, habits form, and the pressures of doing extra—on top of a long list of daily tasks—can quickly quell cooperation.  Process Improvement can change the bottom line, but it needs to be systemic. Change that’s...

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Real and False Urgency in Professional Services

When complacency sets root in an office environment, it’s hard to dig out. No amount of stern emails or strongly worded memos will give your team a sense of urgency. Only a culture of Process Improvement will do that. Forcing your team to rush isn’t healthy urgency....

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Creating a Sense of Urgency in Professional Services

    Successful process improvement needs to be cultural, and urgency must be at the cultural heart. Whether or not your entire team is driven towards process improvement will decide if your organizational change will succeed or fail. Professional services businesses...

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Lean Leadership in Professional Services

With a stack of files on your desk and 3 urgent calls gone unanswered, it’s easy to get lost in the day-to-day of managing a professional services firm. But to achieve process improvement that brings systemic change, we need to invest our leadership focus in the...

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How to Reduce Deadly Waste in Professional Services: Motion

Healthcare is a famously motion-intense industry, with entire spin-off industries of comfortable shoes springing up to service the nurses, doctors, and support staff who are always on the move. Your clinic may not be as big as a hospital, but the same rules of motion apply.

Like all process improvement, communication is key. Ask your people their ideas and genuinely listen when they offer them. Their idea could save you money and, even if it doesn’t, the fact that they’re taking the effort to tell you is a sign that you’re on the right track.

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How to Reduce Deadly Waste in Professional Services: Talent

Talent waste happens when your team isn’t engaged enough in their jobs to give you their creative best. When your doctors, nurses, and front-end staff feel empowered enough to stop you in the hallway with a “what about this,” the win goes to the patient and, by...

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