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    How to Ensure Quality in Construction

    Efficiency is a 2-sided sword. It’s easy to get infatuated with the bottom line improvements that process cuts offer, but it’s all for naught if your building’s quality suffers.  Cut processes too deeply, and you’re asking for trouble. Workers start to cut corners to...

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    Prefabrication and Real Construction Savings

    In construction, as in warfare, success hinges on logistics. Project Managers need to juggle not only people and supplies, but also the needs of independent contractors and clients. Add in layers of compliance and safety checks, plus the wildcard of weather, and...

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    Creating a Change Team in Construction

    Staying profitable in the construction industry is about being able to adapt to change. Projects overrun, site conditions change, regulations close in: the businesses that stay nimble stay prosperous.  Change management on a project-by-project scale is about building...

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    Real and False Urgency in Construction

    By definition, construction is a manual industry. It depends on people’s hands to do the work of bringing a blueprint to reality. And its success or failure is directly related to the level of urgency that those hands (and minds) have bought into. Forcing a sense of...

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    Creating a Sense of Urgency in Construction

            Building a culture of urgency isn’t easy in the construction industry. For starters, your crews are remote and it’s usually up to your Foremen to convey that sense of culture. There’s also safety. If you convey its importance wrong, your workers will equate...

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    Lean Leadership in Construction

    Construction is an industry of tight timelines beset by on-site realities. What’s planned on paper rarely materializes at site, and foremen need to adapt quickly to maintain margins. Change leadership is about the leader inspiring his or her team to sniff out waste...

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    What Daily Process Improvement Looks Like in Construction

    Process Improvement is at its best when it doesn’t look like much. We often fall into the trap of needing expensive equipment or consultants to save money, and in the end it costs us money. Rule of thumb: real change needs to develop from inside. If you try to force...

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    4 Ways to Build Process Improvement Into the Culture of Your Construction Company

    In a quest for success, the construction industry has been making rapid strides over the past several decades to build process improvement into their culture. For many companies, the journey has not been an easy one. Take for example the case of 116-year old Turner Construction Company. Company management says that the only reason they became a global entity was by incorporating principles of process improvement. They focused on planning and collaborating which resulted in an uninterrupted workflow, minimizing waste and maximizing use of time.

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    How to Reduce Deadly Waste in Construction: Talent

    You can’t automate the process of finding and fixing Deadly Waste. It’s case by case and pops up anywhere. If you research the Deadly Wastes, you’ll often find just 7 of them. Talent was added last, and still doesn’t get the credit it deserves....

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